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700c, 27-Inch & 650c

ENVE Composites SES Road Tire
Over 10 years of aero product development with a focus on real-world performance has led us to tire development. Tire shape and construction greatly influence aerodynamics, rolling efficiency, and your confidence. SES Road Tires are proven in CFD and the wind tunnel to reduce drag and are constructed to deliver rolling efficiency, durability, and a confidence inspiring ride—regardless of the weather. - Application: Road, Road Race, Triathlon, Time-Trial, All-Road - Smart ENVE System Aero Optimized Shape and Tread Design - Natural and Synthetic Rubber Compound w/Activated Silica for All-Weather Performance - Tubeless Ready and Inner-Tube Compatible - Hookless and Hooked-Bead Rim Type Compatible - Inner-Rim Width Compatibility: 25c (17-21mm); 27c, 29c, 31c (17-25mm) - Weight: 25c (255g), 27c (265g), 29c (275g), 31c (285g) - Vectran Protection Barrier
ENVE Composites SES Tubeless Road Tire
Confidence Inspiring Speed — ENVE SES Tubless Road Tires From the brand that brings innovation and high-performance to road and mountain bike wheelsets, ENVE enters the tire market with the SES Tubeless Road Tire. Complimenting the aerodynamically optimized rim shape of the incredibly fast ENVE SES Wheelsets, the SES Tubeless gives full control of the rim to tire interface for an ultimately faster wheel/tire system. Aero benefits and improved rolling efficiency can be noticed by running the ENVE SES Tubeless on your ENVE SES or Non-Enve aero wheelsets. ENVE SES 25 The 25mm tubeless tire designed to improved upon the aerdynamic performance of legacy SES wheels as well as the current generation SES and ENVE Foundation wheel models, for road racing, TT, and triathlon. ENVE SES 27 The 27mm tubeless tire designed for road racing, triathlon, time trial, and all-road riding, offer the maximum aerodynamics performance of the SES AR wheels and give a higher-volume tire option for traditional ENVE SES and Foundation Wheelset owners without compromising on performance or aerodynamic stability. ENVE SES 29 The 29mm tubeless, purpose-driven "all-road" aero tires strikes the right balanceof rolling efficiency and aerodynamics. Paired with the SES AR wheelset, this tire is the go-to favorite for inspiring confidence with its proven road cycling versatility. ENVE SES 31 The 31mm tubeless tire has been developed for long miles on rough-roads when you need comfort, traction, puncture-protection, and rolling-resistance, first to aerodynamic proficiency. For the ultimate riding experience, paired the ENVE SES 31 Tire with the SES AR wheelsets or the G23. Features & Specs: Impressive aerodynamic performance improves efficiency on any wheelset Breakaway Tread Pattern aids in airflow attached from tire to rim The lightweight construction of the tire balances rolling efficiency and durability The low rolling resistance is on pair with the best-in-class Pucture Protectiion by Ventran™ offers the leading protection in road tire Tubeless optimization, bead stiffness, and bead diameters are tuned for use with straight-sidewall (TSS) or hookeless-head and hooked-bead rim designs The tire size is defined by the inner-rim width Weight: [25c] 255g, [27c] 265g, [29c] 275g, [31c] 285g
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