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Swix Ski Straps
$6.99 - $9.99
Hold your downhill skis together securely with this pair of padded Swix Ski Straps.
Marker Royal Family Brake
$49.99 - $54.99
The Marker Royal Family ski brake works with the royal family of Marker bindings: the Jester, Griffon, Squire, Baron, Duke Tour F12 and TourF10. Available in a range of widths.
Hotronics Footwarmer S4 Custom
$199.99 $249.99 20% Off
S SERIES FOOTWARMER: *Offers up to a combined 30% increase in higher average temperatures and longer durations on a single full charge. *Maintains up to 55% of a full charge and 95% of the initial capacity after four years of non-use! *Provides power when needed most, in the cold! *WHEREVER ONE GOES - WHATEVER ONE DOES *Installs in all types of footwear. *Transfers from one pair of footwear to another. *Use while skiing, snowboarding, bicycling, horseback riding, and during other general cold-temperature activities.
Hotronics One Size Fits All Insoles
$7.49 $14.99 50% Off
For simple, quick installation of Heating Elements. Up to size 32.0 metric, trim-to-size. See the International Sizing Conversion Chart
Hotronics Semi Custom Insoles
$9.99 $19.99 50% Off
Anatomically shaped insoles ready for simple, quick installation of Heating Elements. Four metric sizes: 23.5/24.5, 25.5/26.5, 27.5/28.5, 29.5/30.5, trim-to-smaller size.
Dynafit Radical ST Brakes
Moving Dynafit bindings from one ski to another often requires a brake change to accommodate the new width. Brakes can also get damaged. Available in multiple widths. Mounting must be done by an authorized professional. *Sold in pairs
Contour Folding Clip
Slide the Folding Clip over the skins where the Wire Loop is attached for a secure and durable finished product.
Contour Liquid Wax
For the real skin scientist. Use the sponge applicator to get maximum coverage to prevent icing and improve glide.
Contour Offset Hybrid Cutter
This is the cutter that is included with all hybrid skins. Cuts skins with the perfect offset without having to reposition them during the trimming process.
Contour Skin Wax
A special paraffin formula helps prevent skins from icing up in variable conditions.
BCA Skin Cleaning Spray
Cleaning spray specifically formulated to rejuvenate the tack on our proprietary Hybrid glue technology.
G3 ZED Binding Brakes
Set of 2 add-on brakes for any ZED binding. Easy installation or removal with a Pozi #3 screwdriver can be done at home, at the trailhead, or in the field.
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