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Our most well-known glove is a modern classic with many functions. A longer model for those who often ski powder and need a durable and warm companion on the mountain. Can be combined with other liners.
Mucky Nutz Face Fender
- Lightest and most versatile MTB mudguard available - Uses hook and loop Velcro straps to attach to the bridge and lower legs - Compatible with forward and double bridge fork designs and all wheel sizes
MSW Squeeze Horn
Add some flair and fun to kids' bikes with MSW Squeeze Horns. - Fits standard 22-26mm diameter handlebars - Approximately 3" wide
Saris Fluid2 
Better health. Faster splits. More me-time. Whatever your goals may be, the Fluid2 helps you get the most out of each indoor training ride. The large, precision-balanced flywheel (with patented fan design) lets you easily customize each ride simply by shifting gears, just as you would outside. This design also helps keep your Fluid2 working better – longer. And, thanks to our built-to-last manufacturing process, the Fluid2 can help you conquer one goal after the next. - Fluid resistance unit provides a quiet and consistent ride. - Progressive resistance offers the widest resistance range and road-like feel. - Best-selling trainer in the USA - Compatible with Zwift and other indoor cycling apps
Chamois Butt'r Eurostyle Embrocation
Chamois Butt'r Eurostyle Embrocation is the ideal leg preparation for when it's cool or cold. Rub it on and it nicely seals your exposed skin against the elements and warms your muscles and keeps your legs warm, too. It's a creamy, non-greasy formula that's easy to apply and cleans up with no mess, too. The 8-ounce Jar is available in Warm and Hot. The Single Packet is available in Warm.
Do you have sweet wheels on your bike? Then you need this rad 7-panel snap-back trucker. A tried and true hat and style that’s just as cool as our products. Wear it in your garage, at camp, or at the trail-head to show your ENVE style.
Castelli Foul Weather Cream
This cream is designed to protect your skin from wet, dirty conditions. It is not petroleum based and won't damage the fabric of your bike shorts. It is also easier to clean off with soap and warm water. Whole New Level of Comfort We have been developing our skin care products for almost two years, fine-tuning the ingredients and testing the various versions on a panel of riders. Our partnership with several skin care experts has allowed us to develop unique products while ensuring that the product formulas are both effective and safe. We tested multiple different versions of the creams to get just the right performance. A group of cyclists blind tested these creams along with leading competitors’ products, and the final versions of our Linea Pelle products were the top-ranked products in these tests for almost all the testers. We make any effort to avoid any ingredients that can irritate the skin or damage technical cycling fabrics. Many of the ingredients are natural, avoiding any synthetic ingredients that are associated with potential health issues. The packaging is important as well. The tubes make it easy to get an exact amount of cream and are more hygienic than jars. The 100 ml size means you can fly with the tubes in your carry-on luggage. Product Features - Water resistant cream creates a barrier against water, wind and cold - Non petroleum, natural plant based ingredients (57%) will not harm synthetic fabrics - Apply to skin before riding
Glory Games Glory Gears
$35.00 $50.00 30% Off
FREE SHIPPING! Glory Gears is a historically accurate strategy game where 2 to 8 players control a race team of four riders and compete to be the first team to finish in a single or a series of races. The game is inspired by Oscar Winning Movie, 'Breaking Away's' Little 500 Bicycle Race at Indiana University. Glory Gears is an action packed, fast paced cycling strategy game with dynamic movement mechanics offering the most realistic gaming experience possible. Besides a game that is incredibly historically accurate and movements that are mathematically correct, Glory Gears offers an amazingly fun play dynamic that evolves as players secretly choose to help others at times while other times breaking their friendships, alliances, and trust as the race draws closer to the end. Added rules let you battle through wrecks, mechanicals, and secret team strategies while you create friends and foes racing your team of 4 riders around the track. However, as the checker flag approaches, there can only be one Glory Gears Champion! Glory Gears has a multitude of optional rules and ways to play to ensure your gaming experience can be tailored to your liking. Everything from, rider stamina reductions, wrecks, dropping exchanges, mechanicals, playing out secret historical team strategies based off how specific teams won in certain years, to even playing out the entire spring race series events like in real life before the Little 500 event. Players can choose to play out a historically accurate Qualifications run(great for 1 to 8 players), an Individual Time Trial(great for 1 to 8 players), and a Team Pursuit which involves all 4 riders of a team on the track racing against another at the same time (great 2 person game), or a fan and tournament favorite of the race series Miss N' Out, which states the last rider of each lap is eliminated until there is only one left! (great big group game) GLORY GEARS RULES AND GAME PLAY SUGGESTIONS - (FROM THE HOW TO SECTION OF WWW.MINDMELTGAMES.COM) ROOKIES TO MAXIMIZE YOUR GLORY GEARS ENJOYMENT AND PROPER SKILL BUILDING AS YOU RACE YOUR WAY TO VICTORY, WE RECOMMEND THE FOLLOWING RACE FORMATS AND RULES TO CERTAIN LEVELS OF PLAYERS.......THIS IS A GREAT PLACE TO START FOR BEGINNERS OR THOSE LOOKING FOR MAXIMUM FUN WITH THE BIGGEST GROUP OR THE SMALLEST GROUP OF PEOPLE IN THE SHORTEST AMOUNT OF TIME...... RACES SUITABLE 1. MISS N OUT -location in manual 9.7/complexity level 3/learn time 1 min/play time 10-60mins this is the best race to learn the fundamentals and strategies of movement, pack dynamics, and stamina usage. this race is also the best for tournaments, and larger groups who want a strategic, intense, fun game in under an hour 2. INDIVIDUAL TIME TRIAL- location in manual 9.9/complexity level 1/learn time 1 min/play time 10 mins this is a great race to learn the fundamentals of the importance of pedal card order usage this race also represents the most basic 2 person game in glory gears, however more can play just not at the same time 3. QUALIFICATIONS - location in manual 9.6/complexity 2/learn time 1 min/play time 5 mins per player this is a great race to learn the fundamentals of fast efficient pitting and exchanging of team riders this is a 1 rider on the track at a time game 4. TEAM PURSUIT- location in manual 9.8/complexity 3/learn time 1 min/play time 15mins this is a great race to learn the fundamentals of strategic, efficient usage of pace movement cards, stamina usage, and strategic order of rider movement this race represents the most strategic 2 person race in glory gears 5. GLORY GEARS RACE- location in manual 1.0-6.0/complexity 6/learn time 5 mins/play time 20-120mins this is the traditional format for glory gears. This race is the culmination of all 4 skill sets learned in the 4 previous racing formats. this race also includes a new 5th skill set of team strategy cards. SEASONED RACERS These races and rules are geared toward the more race hardened experienced players. players can start here if they wish, but will find themselves learning a lot each race from all the intricacies and fundamentals of racing and play not gained from the other easier formats. However, some champions are just born, and may do fine here..... 6. GLORY GEARS RACE +DROPPED EXCHANGES- location in manual 6.0/complexity 7/learn time 5 mins/play time 20-120mins this race is everything of the previous glory gears race with the added ability to drop or botched the exchange of riders in the pit 7. GLORY GEARS RACE W/DROPPED EXCHANGES +MECHANICALS- location in manual 9.5/complexity 8/learn time 5 mins/play time 30-150mins this race is everything of the previous glory gears race with the added ability to suffer a bike mechanical each lap of the 10 lap race. 8. GLORY GEARS RACE W/DROPPED EXCHANGES, MECHANICALS & WRECKS- location in manual 7.0/complexity 9/learn time 5 mins/play time 30-180mins this introduces wrecks, the most game changing a
Chamois Butt'r Buh-Bump
If your skin is too dry, or your perspiration doesn't have enough electrolytes, or your skin has a higher electrical resistance, your heart rate monitor may have trouble picking up a reading. Chamois Butt’r Buh-Bump is a highly conductive cream that improves the connection between your monitor and your skin so you get accurate and consistent readings. Just apply a dab of Buh-Bump and never miss a beat!
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