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Mountain Biking Trails Near Denver

Top 5 Mountain Biking Trails in Colorado

Living in Colorado means easy access to all of the best outdoor activities from hiking in the summer to snowboarding in the winter. The state is also known for it's beautiful scenery and amazing views from atop it's many trails. Yet, one of the Colorado local favorite activities is mountain biking, and there is no lack of amazing trails to choose from whether you are just starting out, or have been mountain biking since before you could walk. If you live in Denver, or the surrounding area, you need to make a trip to these trails! 

The Best Mountain Biking Trails in Colorado

There are hundred of trails to choose from, no matter what part of the state you live in, but there are a few that are considered the best of the best by the locals.

Colorado Trail - One of the longest trails in Colorado, the Colorado trail stretches nearly across the entire state from Denver through Durango. One of the locals favorite area's on the trail is near Breckenridge, with its amazing scenery and paths that allow you to go fast and test your limits. This trail also offers bikers some of the best Rocky Mountain Views.

Kokopelli Trail - Near the Fruita exit off of I-70, this 3.7 mile loop is known for it's rocky, single track paths. It is strewn with boulders and rough terrain making it ideal for experienced bikers. The trail is perfect for those who want to take their time and enjoy the breathtaking red rocks that surround the trail and the Colorado River below it.

Trail 401 - Thought to be the best single track in the Crested Butte area, Trail 401 is required for any serious mountain biker. Starting at Copper Creek, there is a 5-mile dirt road to the top of Schofield Pass which then turns into a tree-shaded trail. 1.3 more miles and you'll reach a gorgeous alpine meadow. You can also enjoy distant views of Maroon Bells Mountain before riding down one of the most epic single track descents in the state.

Government Trail - Aspens premier mountain bike ride, Government Trail is nine miles of single track that starts out moderately rough and then continues to get progressively harder, including an intense rock garden. Just when you think you can't make it another foot, the trail smooth's into glorious aspen groves.

Tabaguache Trail - In this Grand Junction trail system, Ribbon Trail and Gunny Loop, you start out with a high speed decent through towering rock formations, including a football field sized slab at a 10 degree angle. The total distance of this trail is 13 miles of nice, calm, biking bliss. 

Need a new bike to romp around on these trails with? Check out our new full-suspension 27.5 bikes! If you already have a sweet ride, stop by Green Mountain Sports for a tune up. 

How Often Should I Have My Bicycle Serviced?

How Often Should I Have My Bicycle Serviced?

Bicycle riders often wonder how often a bicycle should be serviced, which tends to be a question that we’re asked here at Green Mountain Sports after something goes wrong on the trail or roadway. To understand why preventative, regular servicing at less than one year intervals is your best option to safeguarding your riding experience, it helps to know which parts can fail without proper maintenance and/or replacement over the life of your bicycle.

Parts on Your Bicycle That Need Regular Servicing

  • Chain: Over time, a worn chainring can worsen to the point that your bicycle is the victim of “chain suck,” resulting in possible damage to your stay and your paint job. Expert bicycle technicians can identify a chainring that is in need of replacement prior to this situation popping up on the trail. Along with routine inspection of the chainring, it is necessary to keep your chain clean and regularly lube it with a superior chain lube purchased from a reputable bicycle shop.
  • Tires: It’s imperative to recognize when the tread on your tires is getting worn or has possibly been punctured. Regular servicing can assist in quickly identifying a tire that’s headed towards to a flat. In some cases, it may be time to consider upgrading to flat-resistant tires and/or tubes, so that your setup can meet the challenges of your cycling needs.
  • Brakes: There are two different types of brakes: rim-type and disc. Both of these brake types need to be serviced by someone with experience in replacement of brake pads and/or braking equipment. With rim-type brakes, the pads should be replaced before they are completely worn or you run the risk of crashing. This is something you can do by visually inspecting the pad. If it appears smooth, it’s time to head into the bicycle shop. However, with disc brakes typically found on mountain bikes, a reduction in your braking power can be due to worn pads or another braking equipment issue.

In addition to the parts listed above, there are many other equipment checks that must be performed to ensure top performance from your bicycle, such as inspection of your bike’s derailleurs. Regular servicing conducted at least once a year can pinpoint small issues before they become giant problems during riding. We here at Green Mountain Sports want to make sure you’re riding safe whether you’re cycling on a roadway or biking on a muddy mountain trail, so please come into our shop at 12364 W. Alameda Pwky, Lakewood, CO 80228 or call us at (303) 987-8758 with any questions you may have, to setup a service appointment or find out about our large selection of products to fit your biking needs. 

Why should I buy a new bike?

6 Reasons to Buy a New Mountain Bike

If you are an avid rider, chances are you’ve heard of Scott’s Spark and Genius lines of mountain bikes. What you may not know is why Scott’s mountain bikes are becoming one of the most popular to own. Here are 6 reasons to buy a new mountain bike and why you should make that bike a Scott:

  1. Improvement: Scott is constantly looking for ways to improve their line of mountain bikes. A notable improvement made on the Scott 2014 Spark line is the switch to the Fox rear shock that providers riders with a better ride in a variety of modes.
  2. Reliability: Scott has consistently provided riders with an impressively responsive platform in many prior years’ models that begin with the Traction Control feature and Twin-Loc, which is a handlebar-mounted switch that can quickly adjust the bike’s performance when climbing or descending.
  3. Ride: Scott’s Spark and Genius lines are recognized for their capability to respond to your riding style simultaneously along with the terrain, so that your experience is enjoyable instead of uncomfortable.   
  4. Variety: Scott’s lines offer bikes for the novice to the advanced rider with the features you need to crush the trail. If you are more of a thrill-seeker than the average adrenaline-pushing mountain biker, Scott’s Genius line is for you in either a HMF carbon frame in the 920 or an aluminum frame in the LT 720. If you require a bike that is setup for more versatile usage, the Spark 920 with carbon fiber frame is suitable for any type of riding, including races and marathons.
  5. Parts Replacement/Service: When you purchase a popular Scott’s mountain bike, you can rest easy knowing that a competent service shop can comfortably work on your bike without causing damage to other parts or requiring extended periods of downtime waiting for parts replacement and delivery. 
  6. Price: Scott’s bikes range in pricing from $2649 up to $4799, which are all equipped with the type of innovation and dependable performance for which Scott mountain bikes are widely known.

To be certain that your riding a bike that performs above and beyond your expectations, your next bike must be a Scott. Here at Green Mountain Sports, our wide selection of mountain bikes and gear can prepare you for whatever daredevil biking you’ve got in mind. Let us steer you in the right direction for your new mountain bike today!