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Colorado's ONLY Premium De Rosa dealership!
De Rosa Derosa Dealer Denver Colorado Green Mountain Sports
Veiw some of our custom De Rosas HERE

2015 Scott Genius 900 Tuned 
Scott Genius 900 tuned ON SALE Green Mountain Sports

Was $8,999

Now ONLY $7,499!

Enve Composites components and wheels can take it! Let GMS get you rolling on beautiful Enve Composites wheels. Whether you need more speed in your next downhill, XC, road or Tri race, Enve has THE carbon components for you!
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We Have The Best Products And Service!

From rugged off-road rigs, to light road rockets, to versatile utilitarian bicycles, our wide selection includes a dream machine for you!
Cycling is so much easier with the right gear, and we've got a wide selection of the best in accessories, clothing and more!
From wheels, to components, to small parts, we stock everything you need to upgrade your bicycle to the latest and greatest!
No matter what you need done, our expert mechanics are ready to make your bike ride perfectly. Have it tuned-up soon!
  • We have a great selection of bicycles!
  • We have the best cycling accessories and clothing!
  • We have the latest components for your bicycle!
  • Let us fix or tune-up your bicycle!

GMS' Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

epic ride

Also "epic," this is any ride that turns into a memorable adventure, or one you'd like to forget!

Corky's Tip of the Day

Double Your Shorts To Double Your Comfort - Maybe you're seriously training and logging mega mileage. Maybe you signed up for a week-long cycling vacation to ride further than you ever have. Maybe you're on a four-day mountain bike trip and you're now beat up from the first long, rough day in the saddle. Whatever the reason, sometimes we cyclists need extra relief for our main contact point with the bike, our rear ends. One great trick for preventing and dealing with saddle soreness is wearing two pairs of cycling shorts (don't laugh; even professional bikers use this trick at times). Not only does adding a second pair of shorts double your padding, it also reduces the friction on the chamois (pad) as well. How? The outside pair of shorts moves with the saddle while the inner pair moves with you. Try it on your next century or epic trail ride. You'll be amazed at the difference!

Roll With Kenda Tires!

Get Kenda bicycle tires and tubes and ride with confidence!
With names likes Tomac, Tinker, Lopes and Carter designing tires for Kenda, rest assured that when your Kenda tires hit the trail, you're rolling on the best. We know what tires are perfect for our area and beyond, too. Swing by and we'll get you hooked up with a sweet set of Kendas!