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SRAM Force CX1 in stock now!
Enve Composites Made In the USA Green Mountain Sports   HANDMADE IN THE USA!   
Enve Composites components and wheels can take it! Let GMS get you rolling on beautiful Enve Composites wheels. Whether you need more speed in your next downhill, XC, road or Tri race, Enve has awesome carbon components for you!
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Kryptonite bike locks back to school green mountain sports

You need a great lock to keep your bike safe at school! We recommend Kryptonite because they've been making top-notch bicycle locks since 1971 including "U-Locks" that are required on ALL state school campuses such as CU Boulder & CSU.

Swing by soon and get protected by Kryptonite!

Colorado Bike Companies at Green Mountain Sports
Spot Brand Bikes Golden Colorado Green Mountain Sports Green Mountain Sports sells Colorado Companies Niner Bikes from Fort Collins Colorado at Green Mountain Sports

Spot Honey Badger Closeout Sale Price $1,999.99

Spot Brand Ajax For Rent and Demo

Sale $1,750.00

Single speed Honey Badger!

Spot Band Ajax

IN STOCK & available for demo NOW

GMS' Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day

blow up

You have to pace yourself on rides, especially hilly or long ones, or you might blow up and tire yourself out so much you have to stop, or find another way to get home. You can blow up due to riding too hard, too far and by not drinking or eating enough.

Corky's Tip of the Day

Saddle Position Spells Satisfaction (Or Suffering) - The angle and position of your bike's saddle directly contributes to your comfort. Sure, saddle height is important. Yet saddle tilt and the saddle's fore/aft positioning also relate to how your hands, neck and back feel when you ride. For instance, if the nose of the saddle tilts too low, gravity forces your torso to slide forward as you ride, putting extra pressure on your palms. Tilted too far back (the saddle nose is too high) pressure on sensitive soft tissue can lead to serious complications and pain. Sliding the saddle too far forward or too far back affects your spine, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. It takes experience (and sometimes a few adjustments) to find the optimum saddle position for comfort and pedaling efficiency. If you're experiencing any saddle discomfort, please contact us to discuss possible solutions.

Scott's Genius Is Just That!

We proudly carry Scott bicycles. Swing by and we'll help you find the perfect bike!