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We Have The Best Products And Service!

From rugged off-road rigs, to light road rockets, to versatile utilitarian bicycles, our wide selection includes a dream machine for you!
Cycling is so much easier with the right gear, and we've got a wide selection of the best in accessories, clothing and more!
From wheels, to components, to small parts, we stock everything you need to upgrade your bicycle to the latest and greatest!
No matter what you need done, our expert mechanics are ready to make your bike ride perfectly. Have it tuned-up soon!
  • We have a great selection of bicycles!
  • We have the best cycling accessories and clothing!
  • We have the latest components for your bicycle!
  • Let us fix or tune-up your bicycle!
Colorado Bike Companies at Green Mountain Sports
Spot Brand Bikes Golden Colorado Green Mountain Sports Green Mountain Sports sells Colorado Companies Niner Bikes from Fort Collins Colorado at Green Mountain Sports

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All geared and single speed Honey Badgers

Spot Band Ajax

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GMS' Cycling Glossary - Word of the Day


Although there are different designs, most fixie bicycles are among the simplest two-wheelers on the road and trail. They're usually comprised of a frame, wheels, bars, stem, seat, seatpost, crankset, pedals and chain. There are no derailleurs and often no visible brakes (you slow/stop by holding back on the pedals). These elegant bikes are called "fixies," because the distinguishing characteristic is having only one fixed gear (it's attached to the rear wheel in such a way that you can't coast, the pedals always go around when the bike is rolling).

Enve Composites Made In the USA Green Mountain Sports   HANDMADE IN THE USA!   
Enve Composites components and wheels can take it! Let GMS get you rolling on beautiful Enve Composites wheels. Whether you need more speed in your next downhill, XC, road or Tri race, Enve has awesome carbon components for you!
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Corky's Tip of the Day

Trailer Tires Need Air, Too - Don't forget to check trailer tire inflation, too. Soft tires make the trailer harder to pull and increase the likelihood of getting flats.

Scott's Genius Is Just That!

We proudly carry Scott bicycles. Swing by and we'll help you find the perfect bike!
Kryptonite bike locks back to school green mountain sports

You need a great lock to keep your bike safe at school! We recommend Kryptonite because they've been making top-notch bicycle locks since 1971 including "U-Locks" that are required on ALL state school campuses such as CU Boulder & CSU.

Swing by soon and get protected by Kryptonite!